We Know Your needs

PEt Supplies as a profitable category

Access to Premium brands

We are the distributor of choice for German brands, offerering an attractive food- and non-food portfolio products


Setting up a private label pet supplies range

Let us help to strengthen your profile as a retailer by pushing your private label range of pet supplies. Some consumer trends in your favor:

  • Increasing importance of private label(s) to protect your margin as well as to differentiate from (online) competition
  • Premiumization as one major driver of growth in the global consumer and pet market
  • High level of consumer trust in European, especially German manufacturers

What we Offer

FOOD Category

Dry Food

So far, Asia has been a dry food region - We provide any recipe to enable you to match trends, e.g. grain free, gluten free, semi moist etc.

Available for dog & cat - more to come!

Wet Food

Asian customers appreciate more and more the convenience and health aspects of wet food for their little ones. 

Available for dog & cat - more to come!


The snacks are the "little rising stars" of pet supplies. Treat your customers well with innovative shapes and recipes.

Available for dog & cat - more to come!

NoN-FOOD Category



One of the products your customers need on an ongoing basis - great cross-selling product.



One product example of our growing non-food assortment.

Other nOn-Foo


Complement your food assortment by selected non-food items, showing your competence as a retailer. Our offer is constantly growing - let us know your needs.

Available Packaging

(Almost) Everything is possible

Our suppliers are experienced in Private Label business - they can provide any sort of packaging, depending on the size, quality, and appearance you desire. 

  • Any packaging is possible, according to product / transportation needs as well as legal requirements
  • Support in design provided by associated agencies


We either ship in bulk to Singapore to re-package, or we provide individual pre-packed items. In order to ensure high quality, we recommend at least a double-layer PE foil or a metal - foil add-on.


Pouches gain more and more popularity, especially for small quantity products.



The preferred choice for wet food.



Why you should consider sourcing with ANIBENE

  • Access to high quality manufacturers in Germany
  • Economies of scale due to bundling of sourcing volumes from different customers around South East Asia…
  • … however, if required, we can develop exclusive products / product ranges for your needs
  • Profit from market insights